About Us

If you’re tired of the large, impersonal corporations not dedicating the resources that your equipment needs, then McGee Elevator is the right company for you. At McGee Elevator, we provide a quality maintenance plan designed to ensure the highest level of reliability and extend the life of your equipment. This guaranteed maintenance plan is accomplished through regularly scheduled maintenance visits to your facility on a frequency that meets the needs of your building.

McGee strives to provide the highest level of personalized customer service, with a focus on responsiveness. As a small locally owned business, we have the flexibility to work with your needs and take a custom approach to each project.

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Brands & Vendors

Providing Service for Commercial, Residential, Hydraulic and Traction Elevators of all brands.

Commercial Elevators
Dover, Thyssen Krupp, Otis, Kone, Midstate Elevator, Utica Elevator, Schindler, Bay State, Keystone, Westinghouse, Haughton, Montgomery, CEMCO, GAL and all other brands.

Home Lifts/Wheelchair Lifts
CEMCO, Inclinator, Waupaca, National Wheel-O-Vator, AmeriGlide, Garaventa, Savaria, Porch Lift and all other brands.

We use quality parts and accessories from the following vendors: