Shawn McGee is a 20 year veteran of the elevator industry.  Shawn has worked as a mechanic in all aspects of the trade including Construction, Modernization, Repair and Maintenance.

He has successfully managed the local Service Departments for some of the largest elevator companies in the world before branching out to start his own business.

During his management career, Shawn won multiple awards for safety.  This included the “Golden Hardhat” for 5 consecutive years without a lost time accident or incident.

Through his organizational skills Shawn was able to redistribute the work load throughout the Service Department providing a more even and quality maintenance program.  This combined with his commitment to customer service allowed his employer to increase their market share by 20%.

With the economy recovering Shawn decided to build a company dedicated to quality and integrity, something he learned during his time in the Air Force.  Shawn believes that with prices being reduced to their lowest level in history the focus is shifting back to the quality and value of the product, something that has been missing from this industry for a while.

Shawn can be reached directly @